Handmade In Small Batches. Buy Now, Pay Later.

Pre-Order Items

Worldwide, there is a very limited supply of the ultra-premium quality hair we require to create our hair extensions.
Our extensions have very strict, unparalleled quality standards.
Because of these standards, we produce our hair extensions in small batches.
The limited supply of ultra-premium hair and our small batch production, cause our extensions to sell out quickly.
We do offer a Pre-Order option.
Pre-Order hair extensions are in the process of being made. They are nearing the end of our production process. 
You may purchase Pre-Order hair extensions on our website.
Your payment will be captured immediately in order to guarantee your order.
By placing a Pre-Order, you will be first in line to receive your extensions, well before the extensions are placed on our website for sale, only to sell out moments later.
Placing a Pre-Order secures your extension purchase.
Pre-Order hair extensions will be marked as such.
If you have any questions regarding Pre-Orders, please don't hesitate to email us at info@goldiluxehair.com
Goldiluxe Hair