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Goldiluxe Hair Quality

 How Are Our Hair Extensions Different Than The Rest?

  • Quality and Process.
  • Since our founding we have set out to create the absolute highest quality, handcrafted, cuticle Remy, clip-in hair extensions. This has always begun by only using the finest virgin cuticle Remy hair available in the world.  Our hair is unsurpassed in quality.
  • An endless amount of human hair is available in the world, but only the top 1% passes our rigorous quality control process.
  • Our extensions are purposely made in small batches with the utmost attention to detail.
  • They are Luxurious, Thick, Long Lasting and Meticulously Made.
  • Our Process:
  • Our hair is hand selected from the healthiest virgin ponytail, which has never been colored or processed in any way. 
  • Each bundle of our raw hair is quality checked by hand, multiple times, by our expert team.
  • The hair stays in the ponytail that was cut from the donor. It will stay in that bundle ensuring the cuticles stay in the same direction.  The hair is cleaned then soaked in a nutrient rich solution for 8 hours. This protects the hair protein and moisture so it won't be damaged during the coloring process.
  • Our hair undergoes time consuming and elaborate processes to ensure the hair is treated as gently as possible while removing hair pigment as well as adding pigment during the coloring process. The hair is tripled checked during each process to ensure the cuticle is intact.
  • After our hair is colored in a gentle cold water process that can take up to 14 days, they are soaked in another nutrient rich solution then cleansed.
  • Our extensions stand out from the rest as they are made with the highest quality, gently processed, cuticle Remy human hair. This gives our extensions a longer life, luxurious texture, natural elasticity and a beautiful shine.
  • 98% of "Remy" hair extensions on the market (including professional extensions) are not processed this way.
  • The hair may begin as "Remy", but is soaked in a harsh acid bath.  It is bleached/dyed very quickly with extremely harsh chemicals. This ruins and removes the cuticle. (Once the cuticle is removed, the hair is easier to transport, easier to sew into wefts and handle during preparation. There is also much less waste when preparing non-cuticle extensions)
  • Most companies use lower quality human hair and process their hair in this way because it is easier, faster and much less expensive. This shortens the life of hair extensions significantly and causes tangling and matting.
  • We take great pride in our quality and process. Only the finest companies will undertake the laborious, meticulous preparation of cuticle Remy hair.
  • The cuticle is the protective layer around the hair shaft. It helps protect the hair from heat, harsh chemical hair products, UV light, and other damagers. An intact cuticle will also help prevent the strands from splitting or breaking.
  • Our extensions are the highest quality available. They are luxurious to the touch, long lasting, meticulously made and thick from top to bottom. They will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.  Invest in superior quality hair extensions.