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Beachy Waves

September 27, 2018

How to Create Kim Kardashian’s Natural, Beachy Mermaid Waves

Some looks are just classic. Red lipstick, the little black dress, and beachy waves are just a few things that will never go out of style. Wavy mermaid hair has been in style for several years in a row now and 2018 isn’t any any different.

Celebrities everywhere have been flaunting beachy waves since the beginning of the year. The Kardashian/Jenner clan, including the oh so famous Kim Kardashian, are likely some of the biggest fans of the mermaid hair look. Sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and even Kendall have all been spotted with picturesque beachy waves. But they’re not the only celebrities aboard the wavy hair train! Chrissy Teigen, Blake Lively, and Selena Gomez are just a few other A-list women who’ve been spotted with loose, wavy hair.

Mermaid hair is a style that can be worn year-round. If you’re interested in trying out the Kim Kardashian-inspired wavy hair look this fall, then you’re in the right place. While mermaid hair may seem like a simple hairstyle, many women around the world struggle to get it just right. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to rock your beachy waves with ease!

Whether you have long hair, short hair, a lob, or even clip in hair extensions, you can master the beachy waves look! Here are simple ways to get the mermaid waves you’ve always wanted:

Overnight beachy waves


  • Texturizing mousse: To add volume and body to your hair

  • Hair pins

  • Hair ties


  • Before bed, thoroughly wash your hair and pat dry with a towel

  • Squeeze some mousse into your hands and finger comb it through your hair from the middle to the ends

  • Separate your hair into two sections, braid each section, and secure with hair ties. Two braids will give you loose wavy hair; the more braids you do, the tighter your beachy waves will be.

  • In the morning, undo your braids and shake out your curls!

Sophisticated mermaid waves


  • Salt spray: To give your hair texture, volume, and waves naturally.

  • Blow dryer

  • Curling wands: It’s best to use different sized wands for a more natural look. We recommend using a 1 ½ inch wand and a 2 inch wand.

  • Flat iron: To soften your curls.

  • Wave spray: To give you a beachy look and secure your waves. We recommend the Ouai wave spray!


  • Wash your hair, but go easy on the conditioner. Heavy hair is harder to style into beachy waves.

  • Towel dry your hair until it’s no longer dripping wet. Then, spray your salt spray liberally throughout your hair, avoiding the roots. It can help to flip your head upside down.

  • Blow dry your hair.

  • Turn on your curling wands. When they’re hot enough, begin curling your hair. Alternate between the curling wands and select differently sized sections of hair. Also, be sure to curl strands in opposite directions for a more natural look.

  • Turn on your flat iron. When it’s hot enough, run it loosely over your curls to soften them a bit.

  • Spray your hair with wave spray to give it some added wave support!

  • Hairspray your hair your mermaid waves stay in place.

  • Bonus tip: If you want your hair to be ultra soft and shiny, finish it off with some Ouai rose oil!

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